I'm developing a 1:1 coaching programme for those who feel "other" because of their culture, race or sexuality. To make it relevant and effective I am seeking feedback & would be grateful if you take a few minutes to complete this brief survey.
Hi, could I have your name? *

What is your biggest challenge or frustration when dealing with difference, multiculturalism, race and being "other"?

{{answer_42780963}}, which of the following areas do you struggle with? *

What would a good outcome be for you with regards to the issues mentioned?

{{answer_42780963}}, if you could overcome these issues how would feel and what would be the impact on you and your life (sense of self, relationships etc.)

With with gender to you identify?


How old are you?

HUGE BIG thanks {{answer_42780963}}, for taking the time to answer these questions. For more information about me do visit my website: www.barua.co.uk. Just click continue and then submit to finish the questionnaire.

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